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Utilizing Adult Sunday School Classes

Utilizing Adult Sunday School Classes for Outreach and AssimilationTaught by:

Dr. Howard Bixby


To provide insight and training for those who minister through the adult Sunday school (Adult Bible Fellowship) and to enable them to reach out and build growing Sunday school ministries through assimilation and caring ministries.


This training will be very helpful for Sunday school teachers, adult class and small group leaders, superintendents, Bible study leaders, deacons, pastors, and others who minister to adults or teens in the church.


Saturday - 9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.


Session #1 - Fulfilling God's Purpose through the Adult Sunday School Classes
How does the Sunday school fit in God's plan and purpose for the church? What should be the priorities of the Sunday school? How can Adult Bible Fellowships bring people to spiritual maturity and motivate them to reach out? These questions and others will be answered.

(Coffee Break)

Session #2 - Teaching Methods that Help Adults Enjoy Learning
This workshop demonstrates how most adults learn, are motivated to learn, and retain more of a lesson for future application and use. The insights will help you prepare better lessons that make and impact for the Lord.


Session #3 - Caring and Discipling through Adult Classes (ABF's)
A plan for organizing adult classes to engage in a biblical caring ministry to others. Tips are provided for attracting new people, helping visitors feel at home, seeing growth through the class. The ABF ministry can be key in assimilating new people into the church.

(Coffee Break)

Session #4 - Utilizing Adult Classes and ABF's to Reach out to Visitors and the Lost
Tested tips and suggestions are provided to help adult classes become intentionally engaged in providing a witness to the lost and to attract and hold believers who move into the community.