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Training Current and Emerging Leaders

Training Current and Emerging LeadersPurpose:

Everything rises and falls on leadership. No church or ministry will rise above its leadership. This seminar will explore several very important areas pertaining to the development of leadership in the local church. It will include such matters as spiritual and lifestyle qualifications, particular responsibilities, styles of leadership, and how the church identifies and builds a leader.


This training is designed to assist pastors, deacons, trustees, teachers, ministry supervisors (i.e. Sunday School -general superintendent and departments, VBS, Awana, choir, outreach, etc.) and any others not listed that are looked upon as a leader in your church or potential leaders.


Saturday - 9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.


Session #1 - What Leaders Are
This session will explore the qualifications in such realms as social, moral, mental, personality, domestic, and maturity. The challenge to inclusive and continuous growth in all areas will be emphasized.

Session #2 - What Leaders Do
This session will focus on specific big-picture responsibilities that every leader needs to understand and develop skills in. Some of these skills include humbly serving others, articulating the mission, projecting the vision, formulating a strategic plan, and building a team.

Session #3 - How Leaders Lead
This session will provide guidance in understanding how highly effective leaders have impact not only because they are highly gifted, but also because their leadership styles mesh perfectly with specific ministry needs and achievements. There will be some tips on discovering and developing your style(s).

Session #4 - How Leaders Are Built
This session will aid the local church in the identification and building of emerging leaders, along with the development of current leaders through a discipling ministry. There will be discussion of some possible philosophies, curriculums, resources, and other contributors to growing leaders by design.