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Teaching with Influence and Impact

Teaching with Influence and ImpactTaught by:

Dr. Howard Bixby


To take church leaders through an analysis of their church in order to evaluate strengths, weaknesses, and potentials that can enable the church to grow for the glory of God. The principles taught are biblical and may be used in any size church to help it renew its vision and focus for ministry.


This training is designed to assist pastors, deacons, church leaders, Sunday school teachers, and anyone concerned for evangelism, outreach, and the growth of the church.


Saturday - 9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.


Session #1 - Teaching Outside the Classroom for Eternal Impact
The Biblical pattern for teaching is 24/7. This session gives instructive ways to build relationships with students that transcend the actual teaching hour in the church building.

(Coffee Break)

Session #2 - Teaching Methods that Make Learning Enjoyable
A fast-moving demonstration of methods that any teacher can use to more effectively teach a lesson will be presented. Teachers will come to understand, prepare, and present lessons that make an impact. Lesson preparation and learning goals will be practiced.


Session #3 - Being a Teacher with Influence for God
Suggestions are given for ways to disciple, mentor, and influence students and Bible study participants for Christ and life change. Ten principles will be shared that will assist the teacher in any ministry setting.