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Ways ChristWay Could Serve Your Church

You Do Not Need To Go It Alone ...

Insights And Assistance Are Available.

ChristWay Ministries offers services available to pastors and churches that encourages, addresses challenges, and assists with focusing on opportunities for the future

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Ways ChristWay Could Serve Your Church...

 Excelling Church Consultation



Pulpit Supply

Bible Conferences & Seminars

- Spiritual Life

- Family Living

- Methods for Ministries

Consulting and Evaluation

Teacher Training

Strategic Planning

Ministry Evaluation

Personal Counsel

Problem Solving

Conflict Resolution

Youth Ministry Programming & Methods

Utilizing Small Group Ministries

Leadership Coaching

Recruiting and Motivating


Mobilizing Your Church

Evaluating and Improving Ministries

Calling a Pastor (or Staff)

Growing Your Church

Developing Lay Leaders

Assimilating New Members

Preparing / Mobilizing Deacons for Biblical Ministry

Personal Witnessing

Constitution Revision

Clarifying Communication

Decision Making

Financial Health

Building Programs

Retreat Speaking

Developing a Church Vision

Training Resources

Ministry Training Seminars

Personal Counsel for Church Opportunities or Issues

Howard Bixby - hlbixby@christwayministries.us - 570-903-0902