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Ministry Effectiveness Evaluation


A “Ministry Effectiveness Evaluation” focuses on a church’s recent results and quantifiable record.  It is provided for churches who want to look at the results of their ministries and learn what they need to change or strengthen.


The Ministry Effectiveness Evaluation is specifically focused and may be accomplished with a single visit to the church and with data gathering from a distance.  The Ministry Effectiveness Evaluation is always included within the “Excelling Church Consultation” which also provides recommendations, methods, and solutions as well as analysis.

Typical Uses:

The Ministry Effectiveness Evaluation is typically requested in order to answer some of the following questions:

  • Is our church growing?
  • Which ministries are growing, plateaued, or declining?
  • Which ministries/programs are contributing to achieving the church’s vision or plan?
  • Which Ministries/programs are bringing the most or least satisfaction to the attenders?
  • How healthy and effective is our outreach and witness?
  • Is our church viable or able to continue on in ministry?


A church is expected to cover the cost of mileage/travel, meals, hotel, printing, and phone/email as needed and provide an honorarium appropriate for 30 hours of consulting work and travel time.  A “flat fee” donation can also be suggested that would cover all of the expenses listed above.

Inquire further by contacting Dr. Howard Bixby, ChristWay Ministries,  570-903-0902,  hlbixby@comcast.net