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The Focused Consultation

A One-Day or Weekend opportunity to assist with a specific area of church ministry.


To assist a church in addressing a specific issue, program, or opportunity in order to more effectively engage in decision making and strategic planning.

Examples for a focused consultation

  •     Writing a church vision statement
  •     How to best provide space for continued growth
  •     To decide whether to move a church or stay in a community
  •     Revising a church constitution
  •     Developing a lay leadership training program
  •     Increasing outreach effectiveness
  •     Becoming more visitor friendly as a church
  •     How to call a pastor
  •     Etc.


  •     Interaction with pastor(s) and/or leadership team
  •     Gather relevant data
  •     Visit the church to observe and interact
  •     Focus on the specific need being addressed
  •     Teach helpful training sessions (optional)
  •     Create and provide a document of options and suggestions
  •     Recommend reading, resources, or activities
  •     Phone and email counsel in implementation


A church is expected to cover the cost of mileage, meals, motel, printing, and phone calls as needed and provide an honorarium appropriate for 30 hours of consulting work and travel time. Or a flat fee can be suggested that would cover all of the expenses of the items listed above. ChristWay costs may be less than one half of what other Christian consulting ministries require.