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Excelling Church Consultation

Excelling Church SeminarA CONSULTATION

An Excelling Church Consultation provides a special personalized opportunity for a church to evaluate its present ministry with the purpose of enjoying a more fruitful future to the glory of God. The consultation will provide significant assistance for healthy churches desiring a dynamic ministry future as well as for churches sensing a need for renewal and refocusing (Colossians 3:23a).  


[If suggestions are followed and genuine efforts are made to go forward]

  • A realistic objective look at the church's current situation and potential for the future
  • An opportunity to develop an exciting plan for the church's future ministry
  • A spirit of unity and optimism concerning the future
  • A strengthening of pastor-people teamwork and satisfaction
  • Spiritual and numerical growth
  • Expected morning worship service attendance growth by at least 5% annually within three years. Some churches that are already growing consistently have the potential to double within a five year period.
  • Offerings should be increasing by at least 5% annually within 3 years (most churches can achieve at least a 10% annual gain). Churches already showing steady annual increases should see larger growth.
  • The knowledge and ability to continuously engage in evaluation, adjustment and advancement as a way of life.


  • An on-site church evaluation and S.W.O.T. analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)
  • Guidance for the church to engage in an on-going self evaluation planning process
  • Instruction in strategic planning, goal setting principles and processes for becoming an excelling church
  • Survey evaluation and planning tools for ongoing use
  • An evaluation of facilities, programming and demographic opportunities
  • Identification and bibliography of printed, audio/visual, web/Internet resources and continuing training that may be most helpful to the church and pastor(s)
  • Personal counsel and assistance for pastors and church leaders during and following the consultation


Dr. Howard Bixby is an active local churchman who has served as a pastor for many years while leading a declining ministry through the stages of renewal to become a dynamic growing model church. He has more recently led a seminary through many growing changes and stages of strategic planning. Dr. Bixby has also taught a vibrant young couples ministry for many years and brings a passion for healthy, outreach focused, growing churches to his teaching, counsel and consultations.


  • A meeting with the pastor(s) and selected leaders to allow the church and consultant opportunity to get to know each other, become familiar with the process and understand the perceived needs of the church.
  • Acquire the enthusiastic endorsement of the church lay and pastoral team and commitment to participate in and follow through on the consultation results.
  • Develop a custom designed "service agreement" describing selected consultation services, time commitments, financial necessities and completion date. This document would be signed by the church leadership and consultant so that services may commence. Either party is free to terminate the agreement at any time. Financial considerations involve a consultation fee which includes:  travel, lodging/meals, honorarium, secretarial services and copy/printing expenses. Each church situation will vary.
  • Engage in data gathering through requested documents, records, surveys, interviews and group gatherings.
  • The consultant provides a Saturday seminar for church leaders and influencers with the pastor(s), deacons, program teachers or leaders and others as desired by the pastor. The consultant's teaching of the adult Sunday School classes and preaching in a worship service is also provided to the church.
  • All data and input will be analyzed and formulated into a S.W.O.T. analysis and summary report of recommendations.
  • A de-briefing session will be held with the pastor(s), deacons (or other lay board) and any other church leaders decided upon.
  • The consultant will speak/preach to the congregation to encourage future advancement once the de-briefing session has been held.
  • On-going phone, email and letter consultations and follow-up assistance will be available to the church staff and leadership team. This may include training seminars that will assist the church ministry's advance.
  • Normally, a consultation will include two or three weekend visits to the site by the consultant.  This normally takes about three months to accomplish.



Contact Dr. Howard Bixby to discuss possibilities and explore the value of a consultation for your church. The contact carries no obligation.

Howard Bixby
PO Box 222
Fleetville, PA 18420