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  • Ways ChristWay Could Serve Your Church

    You Do Not Need To Go It Alone ... Insights And Assistance Are Available. ChristWay Ministries offers services available to pastors and churches that encourages, addresses challenges, and assists with focusing on opportunities for the future View "Typical...Read More
  • Typical ChristWay Ministries

    The ChristWay Ministries staff functions as "Church Doctors" in assisting congregations that are declining or struggling, so that they may make needed changes and become productive for God again. Healthy, growing churches receive counsel, advice, and...Read More
  • The Focused Consultation

    A One-Day or Weekend opportunity to assist with a specific area of church ministry. Purpose To assist a church in addressing a specific issue, program, or opportunity in order to more effectively engage in decision making and strategic planning. Examples for...Read More
  • Pastors Coaching Network

    ChristWay Ministries has access to a network of pastors through whom God has worked to produce a significant level of fruitfulness in a specific ministry area. These pastors may be available by phone, email, or in person to assist a church with a needed...Read More
  • Leadership Retreats

    Leadership Retreats are an opportunity to focus on specific spiritual growth or ministry skill areas. These may be held with a single church, an association of churches, or an area group of churches. The content, format, and retreat goals may be customized...Read More
  • Ministry Effectiveness Evaluation

    Purpose: A “Ministry Effectiveness Evaluation” focuses on a church’s recent results and quantifiable record. It is provided for churches who want to look at the results of their ministries and learn what they need to change or strengthen. Scope: The Ministry...Read More
  • Local Pastor Round Table Discussion

    ChristWay Ministries is available to facilitate groups of 8-12 pastors who would like to gather together for an "iron sharpening iron" discussion of chosen topics. This collaborative conversation normally stimulates creative thinking and networking to...Read More
  • Excelling Church Consultation

    An Excelling Church Consultation provides a special personalized opportunity for a church to evaluate its present ministry with the purpose of enjoying a more fruitful future to the glory of God. The consultation will also provide significant assistance for...Read More
  • Ministry Spotlight

    Bridgewater Baptist Church Montrose, PA Bridgewater is a story of God growing a church in a small town (1,500 population). It is a story of vision and dependence on God for supernaturally building His church. In 2006, the church was a small congregation...Read More