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The Need for ChristWay Ministries

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1. The Evangelical Churches of America are Hurting.

Some facts:
The population is growing at a faster rate than the churches.
85% of the churches in America are in numerical decline - 10% are plateaued and 5% are consistently growing.
It takes about 85 Christians in a church to see 1 new person (adult) come to faith in Christ per year through their church.

  • ChristWay Ministries provides counsel, training, and materials to increase the effectiveness of the churches witness, outreach, and growth.

2. The Church is Aging.

  • The current "Post Modern Generation" is not being reached with the Gospel.
  • The nursery and preschool departments of churches are shrinking and in some cases are now closed on Sunday.
  • Young couples and college age classes are becoming fewer and fewer in more and more historic, traditional Bible teaching churches.
  • The aging membership of the churches in the USA is a ticking time-bomb leading to the closure of thousands of churches.
  • ChristWay Ministries assists churches in developing ways to reach out to young post modern singles and couples.

3. Church Planting is Desperately Needed.

With 80,000,000 people being added to the world population each year, and the average Evangelical church being 100, we need 80,000 new churches started each year if only 1 in 10 people will come to faith in Christ!
We are far from coming even close to the needed number of planters and plants.

  • ChristWay Ministries is able to walk a church through the steps necessary to plant or assist in planting a church from their congregation.

4. Global Missions are Suffering Greatly.

With 85% of the USA Evangelical Churches declining, church budgets are stretched, and fewer new missionaries are being commissioned. Effective missionaries on the field are being forced to return home more often to raise funds in order to stay on the field.

  • ChristWay's emphasis and effectiveness in helping churches grow and focus on The Great Commission produces more human and financial resources for Global Missions.

5. Church Growth is Crucial.

If missionaries are to be raised up and sent, and new churches are to be started in the USA, existing churches must learn how to grow numerically and in effectiveness. Thousands of growing churches are needed.

  • ChristWay Ministries provides counsel and resources to pastors and training for their congregations to help them become outwardly focused, invite visitors, and see people saved.

6. Many Pastors and Church Leadership Teams are Discouraged.

This discouragement is often rooted in a lack of visible ministry fruitfulness and an inability to change the plateaued or downward spiraling church attendance. Jesus called His disciples to be true bearers and multipliers while drawing spiritual strength from "the Vine." When church visitors do not come or do not return and the believers do not seem to be concerned enough to change and assimilate them, leadership becomes discouraged.

  • ChristWay Ministries encourages pastors and churches to focus on Christ's promise to "Build His Church", and strategically plan for outreach and growth again.

7. Highly successful growing churches need counsel and assistance in deciding how to best maximize and continue their growth.

It is exciting to see a church grow for the glory of God, but sometimes the current numerical growth can overshadow the need for a long range plan. Without a strategic plan and decision making, a growing church risks plateauing and eventual decline.

  • ChristWay Ministries assists churches in understanding their options and in making crucial decisions that enable them to continue their growth.

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