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Men's Leadership - How to Become a Man of Influence for God

How to Become a Man of Influence for GodTaught by:

Dr. Howard Bixby


To help men develop their spiritual dynamic and to focus on their roles as leaders in the home and church. Emphasis is placed upon the development of discipling and influencing skills for men.


This training will be very helpful for any man who desires to be more effective for God with his family, church, or work situations.


Saturday - 9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.


Session #1 - What Has Happened to Manhood?
A look at what contemporary society has done to the role and image of men. How does this differ from the biblical blueprint for men? This session helps the delegate focus on the issues that work against male leadership.

(Coffee Break)

Session #2 - Why Are Some Men Hypocrites?
Why do people say one thing and seem to do the opposite? Why do men sometimes conform at church but have poor testimonies at work? This session introduces the conflict of values in America today that can lead to weak leadership.


Session #3 - How to Transfer Your Values to Family and Friends
Values, convictions, and principles are transferred to others constantly. How does this occur? This session describes how values are passed along. The principles covered will help a man understand and take advantage of his opportunities to lead his wife, raise godly children, and to make an impact at work or church.

(Coffee Break)

Session #4 - How to Disciple and Influence Others
Specific steps are outlined to help men plan their lives in a manner that gives them the most impact for God in the lives of others. Ten principles are provided that any man can utilize to strengthen his ministry of mentoring others for God.