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Maximum Ministry Seminar

Maximum Ministry SeminarPurpose:

This seminar will explore the Scriptures in pursuit of a fuller perspective of Jesus and His person and ministries. It will also examine the present fruitlessness in evangelism and discipleship, some impediments of fruitlessness, lessons to be learned from growing churches and their leaders, a look at some current relevant ministry methodologies and strategies that work today in reaching the unchurched, building believers in the image of Christ, and effectively leading local church change to reach the biblical potential.

This training is designed to primarily assist pastors, pastoral staff members, missionaries, and select church leaders.


Unless otherwise communicated from the host church, the Maximum Ministry Seminars will begin on Monday at 11:00 am and conclude on Tuesday at 3:30 pm. This format will allow for lectures, Q and A, discussions, and PowerPoint presentations spread in a way to allow maximum benefit for the participants.


Session #1 - This session will explore the lack of effective fruit-bearing in evangelism and discipleship among the unchurched, while the numbers of the unchurched are escalating rapidly in this country. Has the church become wrongly focused? How has the church become marginalized in effectively engaging the culture?

Session #2 - In the midst of a rapidly changing world, how does the church sort out what cannot change, while maturing into the great commission potential the Lord expects. There will be consideration given to distinguishing between the God-given Scriptures from man-made traditions, preferences, and culture.

Session #3 - In this session, several man-made impediments to effectively reaching the unchurched will be addressed, many of which have inadvertently or unwittingly gained prevalence in the local church over the years.

Session #4 - There are many insights to be learned from growing churches and the leaders of those growing churches that are applicable to any size church. What characteristics contribute to a setting where many are coming to Christ and growing in the faith?

Session #5 - The development of diverse cultures around our churches today has created extra challenges in cross cultural communication and the conducting of church. Many have found that evangelistic methodologies of the past will not work as well today, but there are proven and fruitful strategies to be considered.

Session #6 - The building and equipping of the unchurched that are being reached is essential. This session will consider the discipling mandate and a possible model, along with the development of emerging leaders.

Session #7 - Is it possible to change your church without killing it or you? This session will explore some of the issues in leading your church through change to a greater potential and the experience of fruitfulness.

Professional Development Seminar for Pastors

  •     May be taken for C.E.U. or Seminary course credit
  •     Normally require two days of teaching/learning time
  •     Concentrated interactive learning with other pastors