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Leading the Church in a Changing World

Leading the Church in a Changing WorldTaught by:

Dr. Howard Bixby


This is an intensive seminar especially for pastors and ministry professionals designed to sharpen leadership skills and encourage strategic planning. The goal is to enable the participant to better plan, make decisions, and lead a congregation through biblical change and changing times.


Normally a 12-hour seminar will be held over a two-day period in a 9:00 am to 3:30 pm format. A combination of lectures, video, discussion, and group problem solving/strategizing will be utilized. A packet of printed materials will be provided to assist in the learning process.


Session #1 - Facing a Future Full of Change
This workshop describes and analyzes some of the changes that are most likely to affect the Christian, his church, and their future. Some changes raise concern while others offer exciting opportunities.

Session #2 - Identifying Biblical Change
Not all changes are good, but some can work for good. How can the leader determine what to protect and what to creatively seek to change? A biblical blueprint for navigating these waters is shared.

Session #3 - Leadership Characteristics for Navigating Change
What is true of men who effectively lead through change? What is the role of the pastor during times of change? Suggestions for personal leadership development from a biblical perspective are shared.

Session #4 - Understanding What to Change
It is important to develop the habit of "asking the right questions" and learn to evaluate what they reveal. Good evaluation processes enable leaders to make good decisions and build credibility.

Session #5 - Understanding Our Purpose
God has spelled out a clear purpose and set of standards for His church. This session enables the participant to focus on the church's biblical purpose before changing patterns of ministry.

Session #6 - Strategic Planning and Goal Setting
The church leader today must analyze his situation, challenges, and opportunities so that goals may be established. Tools for goal setting and planning are provided.

Session #7 - Putting a Leadership Plan into Practice
How are we going to lead our churches to successfully implement needed changes while growing spiritually and numerically? Delegates will develop the specifics of a strategy needed in their church ministry.