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Howard Bixby, Th.M., Ed.D.

Dr. Howard Bixby

Dr. Howard Bixby is the  President of ChristWay Ministries. He is deeply involved in assisting churches and pastors with strategic planning, training seminars, consulting, and helping develop churches with a passion for Biblical outreach and growth. He has practiced what he teaches. As an adult Sunday School class, Adult Bible Fellowship, and Home Bible Study teacher for over 50 years, he has seen multiplied hundreds of people enter the church through his classes.  All three of the churches he has been a member of have grown dramatically while he was there.

God has blessed the practical nature of his ministry. The principles he teaches are applicable to any situation or size church.

Dr. Bixby's ministry experience enables him to bring insights, encouragement, and change to churches. In his 19 years as a pastor, his church grew dramatically and developed a worldwide impact. While he served as Seminary Dean and instructor for 22 years, Baptist Bible Seminary likewise developed and grew dramatically. His ministry philosophy prioritizes the "Great Commission", dynamic Biblical leadership, and life-changing discipleship.

Howard and his family have lived and ministered in both rural and city settings. Howard and his wife, Carol have four children and their spouses and eighteen grandchildren. The two sons are in pastoral ministry as well. Family values are a very important part of the Bixby's leadership perspective.

Personal contact information:

Howard Bixby
PO Box 222
Fleetville, PA 18420
Email: hlbixby@comcast.net