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Developing a Passion for Outreach

Developing a Passion for OutreachTaught by:

Dr. Howard Bixby


To provide motivation, information, and the practical "how-to's" of personal and church evangelism. The emphasis is upon enabling delegates to more confidently and successfully enjoy the blessings of reaching out to spiritually lost people and seeing them come to faith in Christ.


This training will be very helpful for all church workers and church members. Sunday school teachers, children's club leaders, and those who go on church visitation will especially benefit. Those who have never shared the Gospel previously will be encouraged as they use the seminar material.


Saturday - 9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.


For best results, each church should be represented by a group of people who are normally involved in various levels of church leadership. We will be involved in hands-on ministry planning as groups from each church.


Session #1 - Why Bother with the Lost
A look at God's view of the condition of people without Christ and our human role in evangelism and outreach to others. This session is a special time of biblical motivation and commitment for the delegates.

(Coffee Break)

Session #2 - Locating Unsaved Prospects for Outreach
Where and how to find people who need the Lord or Christians who need nurture and growth. Programs and personal procedures that will help you succeed are suggested and explained.


Session #3 - Methods and Means for Sharing the Gospel
Suggestions on how to win the right to share spiritual truth with the lost and to make witnessing natural and more effective. Ways to build loving relationships are included.

(Coffee Break)

Session #4 - Helping Visitors and New People Feel at Home
How to help lost visitors feel welcome and return again.
Keys to effective new believer follow-up are shared along with ways to help a visitor want to become a church member. Ways to make the church a place of love and support are included.