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Developing an Outreach Oriented Church

Developing an Outreach Oriented ChurchTaught by:

Dr. Howard Bixby


To assist pastors in formulating a plan and program to lead their congregations in desiring and implementing a more effective outreach strategy. Suggestions and methods will be designed to fit the context and culture of the individual delegates.


Normally a 12-hour seminar will be held over a two-day period in a 9:00 am to 3:30 pm format. A combination of lectures, video, discussion, and group problem solving/strategizing will be utilized. A packet of printed materials will be provided to assist in the learning process.


Session #1 - Why Be Concerned with the Lost?
This workshop gives a look at God's view of the condition of men and our human role in evangelism and outreach to others. This session is a special time of motivation and commitment for the delegates.

Session #2 - WWJD: What Would Jesus Do in Reaching Out to the Lost?
This workshop is a brief study of some of the gospel accounts outlining some of Jesus' outreach approaches and methods. An understanding of the heart and techniques of Jesus can help us design our own biblical outreach strategy.

Session #3 - Starting Where We Are
A workable strategy starts with the purposes of God and builds upon programming and the people already available in the current congregation. From this beginning, the people's confidence in God for outreach can be strengthened and new efforts explored.

Session #4 - Motivating Your Congregation to Reach Out
As a leader, the pastor is called upon to set the pace and provide confidence for his people in outreach. Suggestions and procedures are provided to assist the pastor in leading the church to grow in outreach.

Session #5 - Understanding Our Culture and Community
What are people like today; what are they looking for, and what instills confidence that they can trust a church while seeking God in time of trouble or questioning? Tools will be provided for doing a church and community analysis.

Session #6 - Mobilizing the Adult Sunday School (ABF) for Outreach
The adult ministries of a church can be trained and deployed in reaching out to a lost community. Curriculum, teachers, leaders, and how the ABF is structured are all important factors.

Session #7 - Establishing an Outreach Strategy with Goals that Fit Your Church
A format will be provided for each pastor to develop an outreach strategy that reflects the needs and context of his individual church. Suggestions for involving the church in this process will be provided as well as how to gather group input.

Professional Development Seminar for Pastors

  •     May be taken for C.E.U. or Seminary course credit
  •     Normally require two days of teaching/learning time
  •     Concentrated interactive learning with other pastors