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Culture and Ministry Seminar

Culture and Ministry SeminarPurpose:

This seminar will explore the Scriptures and present circumstances in pursuit of an understanding of what part culture plays in doing ministry; the definition, issues, and challenge involved in changing cultural diversity; exploration of the model Jesus gives us in connecting and communicating with diverse cultures to gain greater fruitfulness; and the development of some of the proven strategies growing churches are using today to connect with different people groups and reach them for Christ Jesus.


This training is designed to assist pastors, pastoral staff members, church leaders, all congregants, and missionaries.


For best results, each church should be represented by a group of people who are normally involved in various levels of church leadership. This group will be prepared to return to their church with their pastor and lead through change together with their pastor.


Unless otherwise communicated from the host church, the seminar will be hosted on a Saturday with a three to four hour time slot.


Session #1 - The Challenge of Cultural Diversity
This session will explore the lack of effective fruit bearing in evangelism and discipleship among the unchurched, while the numbers of the unchurched are escalating rapidly in this country. What part does changing cultures contribute to the amount of fruit bearing? How has the church become marginalized in effectively engaging the culture and harvesting eternal fruit? When addressing culture, it must always be put through the biblical grid.

- Break -

Session #2 - The Lord's Model of Cultural Connectedness and Communication
In this session there will be a study of how God from eternity past laid out a model of how to connect with various cultures and people, thus opening an effective door of communication. Jesus demonstrates the model in coming from heaven's glorious culture to the cultures of this fallen world of human beings. There will be case studies of His ministry life on this earth. He exemplifies mercy, grace, love, flexibility, and fruit.

- Lunch -

Session #3 - Developing a Strategy for Ministry with Today's Cultures
This session will investigate how to come to understand the changing cultures involved in the community around our ministry, outlining necessary changes so as to connect, how to communicate effectively with those cultures, and review some proven strategies of dynamic growing churches.