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General Operating Expenses

ChristWay Ministries is committed to meeting the need of helping churches become "Great Commission" focused in reaching people who need to come to faith in Jesus Christ. This unique ministry of personal counsel, leadership training, and Biblical teaching assists pastors and churches to become healthy and growing again for God's glory.


How is ChristWay Funded?

Support for ChristWay Ministries comes primarily from the gifts of friends like you. We are not funded or endowed by any group, organization, or denomination. The staff of ChristWay functions as missionaries to the churches and their pastors.


Highly successful growing churches need counsel and assistance in deciding how to best maximize and continue their growth.

It is exciting to see a church grow for the glory of God, but sometimes the current numerical growth can overshadow the need for a long range plan. Without a strategic plan and decision making, a growing church risks plateauing and eventual decline

ChristWay Ministries assists churches in understanding their options and in making crucial decisions that enable them to continue their growth.


The Need for ChristWay Ministries

The Bible believing churches of America are declining in health and number while pastors are becoming discouraged. Both churches and their leaders are looking for help, guidance, and encouragement. Join ChristWay in ministry today—financially, in prayer, or by spreading the word.