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Assisting a Church Consultation

An Excelling Church Consultation provides a special personalized opportunity for a church to evaluate its present ministry with the purpose of enjoying a more fruitful future to the glory of God. The consultation will provide significant assistance for healthy churches desiring a dynamic ministry future as well as for churches sensing a need for renewal and refocusing (Colossians 3:23a).



  • A realistic objective look at the church's current situation and potential for the future
  • An opportunity to develop an exciting plan for the church's future ministry
  • A spirit of unity and optimism concerning the future
  • A strengthening of pastor-people teamwork and satisfaction
  • Spiritual and numerical growth
  • It is expected that morning worship service attendance will be growing by at least 5% annually within three years. Some churches that are already growing consistently have the potential to double within a five year period.
  • Offerings should be increasing by at least 5% annually within 3 years (most churches can achieve at least a 10% annual gain). Churches already showing steady annual increases should see larger growth.
  • The knowledge and ability to continuously engage in evaluation, adjustment and advancement as a way of life.



  • An on-site church evaluation and S.W.O.T. analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)
  • Guidance for the church to engage in an on-going self evaluation planning process
  • Instruction in strategic planning, goal setting principles and processes for becoming an excelling church
  • Survey evaluation and planning tools for ongoing use
  • An evaluation of facilities, programming and demographic opportunities
  • Identification and bibliography of printed, audio/visual, web/Internet resources and continuing training that may be most helpful to the church and pastor(s)
  • Personal counsel and assistance for pastors and church leaders during and following the consultation.



Dr. Howard Bixby is an active local churchman who has served as a pastor for many years while leading a declining ministry through the stages of renewal to become a dynamic growing model church. He has more recently led a seminary through many growing changes and stages of strategic planning. Dr. Bixby has also taught a vibrant young couples ministry for many years and brings a passion for healthy, outreach focused, growing churches to his teaching, counsel and consultations.