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Changing Ministries for Changing Times

Changing Ministries for Changing TimesTaught by:

Dr. Howard Bixby


The Changing Ministries for Changing Times seminar is especially designed for those who organize or lead others in the church ministry. The goal is to enable you to better plan, make decisions, and lead others in church ministry through changes and changing times. The seminar shows leaders how to evaluate possible changes and how to lead a group through a change in ministry method or program.


Folks who should make every effort to attend include pastors, deacons, Sunday school superintendents, adult class officers, youth sponsors, AWANA club leaders, and anyone in a church leadership roll.


For best results, each church should be represented by a group of people who are normally involved in various levels of church leadership. This group will be prepared to return to their church with their pastor and lead through change together with their pastor.


Saturday - 9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.


Session #1 - Facing a Future Full of Change
This is a fast-moving workshop describing some of the changes that are most likely to affect the Christian, his church, and preparing for the future. Relevant statistics and case studies will be utilized to clarify issues involved in change.

- Coffee Break -

Session #2 - Identifying Biblical Change
Not all changes are good. How can the church determine what to protect and what to creatively seek to change? A biblical blueprint for navigating and knowing what the Bible says about change will be shared.

- Lunch -

Session #3 - Understanding What to Change
During this session, techniques will be shared to help delegates "ask the right questions" and evaluate their ministries in order to lead in changes that are needed.

- Coffee Break -

Session #4 - Evaluating and Improving Change
How do we build on changes and continue to develop and improve? Principles will be shared that enable a person or church to enjoy continuous change/growth as a way of life.